Need to dispose of any unwanted/expired medications?

The area’s first-ever pharmaceutical collection for unwanted and expired medications will take place tomorrow Saturday, May 15 from 9a-1p at Hampton Community Center in Hampton Township, 3101 McCully Road (Between Rte 8 and Middle Road).

Since the planners do not know how many people to expect, they ask that you register online at or by phone at 412-488-7452. There is a flat disposal fee of $3 per participant. There will also be law enforcement officials and pharmacists on site.

*Keep all medications in their original containers.
* Use a permanent marker to black out the names of the patient & any doctor/dentist/vet
* Do *not* black out the name of the med, dosage, and quantity

Call 412-488-7452 or visit to register.

Law enforcement and licensed pharmacists will be on site to ensure all material
collected is handled in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.

• Prescription, over-the-counter and veterinary medications.
• Prescription medications include both controlled and non-controlled substances.

• durable medical goods
• health and beauty aids
• home care supplies
• home health equipment
• household hazardous waste (paint, aerosol cans, etc.)
• illegal substances and paraphernalia
• infectious waste
• institutional waste
• medical devices and equipment
• medical sharps (needles, lancets)
• mercury thermometers
• personal care items
• radioactive materials