PARK(ing) Day

Guest post by: Myra Falisz

Friday is International PARK(ing) Day and Polish Hill creatives are taking it to the streets! Be sure to check out the little parks throughout our neighborhood. The event is designed to promote the preservation our current green spaces and the planning of new ones, focusing on how parks improve our communities.

Our residents will turn parking spaces into parks at the corner of Dobson and Hancock, and also along Brereton.

Here’s a sampling of our local creativity at work. Just imagine:

~Partaking in a magical, mysterious tent event, courtesy of The Urban Gypsy

~Stepping into a future green space in front of the PHCA, transforming cast-off sidewalk brick into a community bread oven

~Joining the campsite surrounding Lili Coffee*Shop, including spots by The Caravan Collective and Lili’s ’67 Safari Airstream.

Into the evening, don’t miss Lili Coffee*Shop’s Late Night Caffeine Extravaganza from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. Here are the details:

Park yourself, not your car, at 3138 Dobson Street, home of Lili Coffee*Shop, Copacetic Comics Company and Mind Cure Records in the heart of Polish Hill. This location will be the one day/night campsite of The Caravan Collective and Lili’s ’67 Safari, and features musical performances, grub, drinks, art and crazy-talk.

Citywide, the initiative is spearheaded by PARK(ing) Day Pittsburgh with its leaders Andrea Lavin Kossis of the CDCP and Emily Craig of The Mattress Factory. If you want to check out other parks throughout the city, two maps are available.

Online map courtesy of Bike Pittsburgh

Printable map, courtesy of Bob’s Maps