Pierogi Moon Clean Up

Want to help keep Polish Hill neat as a pin? Join us for the first Pierogi Moon Clean Up!

The Pierogi Moon clean up takes place on the date of the quarter moon in the lunar calendar because of the moon’s striking resemblance to that perennial neighborhood favorite comfort food; the pierogi. We’ll supply the equipment and as a special treat,

Tickets to a Pirates Game!

Yes, that’s right. You could be sitting in the stands, watching a game, all because you picked up some trash. Small price for a great time at the ball game!

Meet at the PHCA office
Wednesday, Sept 1, 2010 @5:30PM
3060 Brereton St
Pittsburgh PA 15219

But wait, there’s more!

After party at Gooski’s
Pierogi’s! Good times!
3117 Brereton St.