PHCA and Polish Hill represent at the Bloomfield Halloween parade

For the first time, Polish Hill represented at the Bloomfield Halloween parade, and it seemed a good time was had by all.  Members of the PHCA board marched with musicians from Lungs Face Feet and the May Day Marching Band — plus dancers and jugglers.  PHCA president Alexis Miller (below) and Vice President Myra Falisz gave out candy.  And there were shout-outs along the way from proud Polish Hill folks who turned out.

The parade marshals told us it was their biggest crowd ever, and it certainly seemed that way.  Particularly great were all the little kids out front, dancing in their costumes.  We want to thank the Bloomfield Citizens Council for letting us take part, and to the PHCA board members and friends who helped out.  Also many thanks to all the Polish Hill folks who came to see the parade and showed their enthusiasm for our neighborhood.

The biggest thanks of all go to the marching band musicians, in wonderful Day of the Dead costumes and makeup, and the performers, who played their way down Liberty Avenue and showed that Polish Hill has a great spirit and energy.

(The top three photos by Mark Knobil; bottom, by Pete from Pandemic Pittsburgh)