Photos from the May Day Parade


Saturday, May 3 was the fifth year of the May Day Parade, a new Polish Hill tradition.  The parade is organized by an independent group of musicians and artists who live in the neighborhood.



The parade started on lower Melwood Avenue, just outside of Polish Hill, then proceeded along Gold Way and along Melwood Avenue.



The procession stopped for music and a speech, then continued to Herron Avenue, across to Dobson Street, then up to the church for a brief stop for a song, then down Brereton to West Penn Park.

Many residents came out to watch this joyful procession go by.  Others donned costumes and joined the parade.  The parade organizers say, “Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome”.  That the parade has continued and grown for five years is a testament to this positive spirit.

(First four photos by Marc Rettig; last photo by Alyson Knights)