Photos from the Polish Hill Arts Festival

The fifth annual Polish Hill Arts Festival was a great day.  What can we say?  We’re still tired, so we’ll let the photos do the talking.  More photos, captions, and details to be added tomorrow…wanted to get this up today.

Artist Andy Scott (left, in red cap) also designed the festival poster.

Artist Joseph Holtz has shown at the festival every year.  We love our returning vendors!

The tiki stand — how could anyone say no to frozen cheesecake on a stick?

Elizabeth Fisch’s poetry project attracted all ages.  Here, Ilona Auth, niece Coco and a friend try their hand at poetry.

Uncao Capoeira Pittsburh performed during Timbeleeza’s set.

Timbeleeza circled the festival site during their performance.  See a short video from their set.

The Frantic Heart of It, a Polish Hill-based band, played an energetic set of pop-punk.

Three local authors read from their books in the back room at Gooski’s. (Photo by Karen Lillis)

Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band capped off the night with the dark heart of country.

It was a lot of fun, and we were grateful that the heatwave broke  in time to give us a beautiful, tolerably  hot day. Many thanks go out to the dozens of participants who helped make it happen:

Artists and craftspeople
Charlie Alessi, Sarah Jo Antonucci, Jason Barkley, Christian Breitkreutz, Laurel Coniglio, Maura Doern Danko, Trilodeon Evolutionary Arts (Niffer Desmond), Betty Machete (April Diehl, Michelle DiPasquale), Myra Falisz, Monster Shoppe (Malcolm Gittins), Kevin Graham, Joseph Holtz, Karen Lillis, Randi Morgan, Maggie Negrete and the Monalloh Foundry, On the Rocks (Lisa Parker), Reyghan Pierce, Siren Studios (Lynn Ratkovich, Jamie Miller, Kelly Jane Walker, Monica McElwain), Matthew Rychorcewicz, Little Tired (Andy Scott), Cheryl Sedlock, Phil Seth Designs, Lizzee Solomon, Garick Tai-Lee, Whimsical Wonders (Melissa Vennieri-McCabe), and Bobbi Williams.

Food vendors
The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and their volunteers, led by Mark Dobies; Laura Gershman (with Andy and Tessa), Caleb Gamble (and friends), Todd and Franktuary, Cindy Nicolacco and her Tiki Hut treats, Joy and Naomi of Pig Hill Brewing, David Harris, and the LifesWork Ben and Jerry’s cart (who donate 50% of their proceeds back to us, for next year’s festival).

Art activities
Elizabeth Bashur and Lindsay of Little House, Big Art, Andy Scott and friends, Carnegie Library, and Elizabeth Fisch, with her poetry collecting project.

Zout, Kayla Slicker (The Committee for Getting Attention), Steve Pellegrino and the Big Concept Band, Bob Lampenfield and the fine gentlemen of Truth and Rites, Timbeleeza and Uncao Capoiera Pittsburgh, Doug Weaver and The Frantic Heart of It, Lungs Face Feet, Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band.

Lori Jakiela, Dave  Newman, Bob Pajich, and Karen Lillis (for pulling it together.)

Local businesses
Sarney’s (which opens on Sunday just for this event), Urban Gypsy (a touch of class and refinement  to a funky festival), Gooski’s, (with special thanks to Marcus for letting us have the readings in the back room on a very busy day); and Lili Coffee* Shop, Mind Cure Records and Copacetic Comics for being another cool place to go, and so supportive of the festival.

Neighborhood and PHCA volunteers
Terry Doloughty, John (Ducky) McClure, Laura Zurowski, Leigh Kish, Doug Ramsey, Brian Seklecki, Catherine McConnell, Mark Knobil, Josiah Parkinson, Valerie Testa, Erica Moulinier, Tom Ogden, Janice Heagy.  Also thanks to the two deputies from the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office who volunteered to do security for the festival.

And, of course, thanks to all the visitors who came out.  All of you together are what make this such a great festival.

(Photos by Leslie Clague for the PHCA, except the photo of the Gooskis reading, by Karen Lillis)