Pictures from the PHCA's Halloween event

Saturday’s weather put a damper on some Halloween festivities.  At the PHCA office, pumpkins were decorated and volunteers got dressed for the Haunted Trail.

As it got rainier and wetter in the early evening, the PHCA”s dedicated volunteers on the haunted trail found themselves ankle deep in mud, which didn’t seem to dampen spirits any.

Nearing sundown, the woods were chilly and misty.

The fog machine sent vapors all the way down to the field.

Visitors got a treat bag after they’d gone through the spooky maze.

The trail through the woods was lit by old railway lanterns.

We all had a good time, and the (real) fog that rolled in later created a beautiful close to the day’s efforts.

Many thanks go out to all our volunteers:  Terry Doloughty, Hannah du Plessis, Myra Falisz, Doug Ramsey, Josiah Parkinson, Jen Martin, Janice Heagy and her niece Sapphire, and Scott from West Penn Recreation Center.  We also thank all the people who donated candy, props, or materials.