Pittsburgh Marathon is this Sunday!

The Pittsburgh Marathon takes off this Sunday May 2 at 7:30 am at Sunday 14th and Smallman Streets in the Strip.  Registration for the event has already sold out–16,000 people have registered.  Add in spectators, family and friends, and that is one big event that will affect all neighborhoods along the route.

The marathon route starts in the Strip, moves through Bloomfield, Shadyside and Oakland.  The runners then cross the Birmingham Bridge and move through the South Side, then over the West End Bridge, through the Northside, and finish back in the Strip.

If you’re planning to be out and about on Sunday, be aware that from early morning to early afternoon some streets might not be accessible.  For full information on street closure times, check here.  The marathon website has lots of information on events and activities along the route.

One interesting idea the organizers had was to station musicians along the route.  Check out the list of the musical acts–there are dozens!  Polish Hill’s own Joy Toujours will be playing for the runners at the Quik Mart at Liberty and Herron.