Polish Hill Arts Festival: artists preview, part 2

Here, as promised, is the second installment of previews of artists who will be selling their creations at the Polish Hill Arts Festival on Sunday, July 18th from 12-8 pm.

Cat Sheane makes mosaic items from salvaged glass.

Kristina Owsinski will have needlepoint items, including some Christmas decorations.

Chaz Letkus, who has exhibited at the festival since it started in 2009, does pen and ink drawings of hidden animals.  He sells cards, calendars, and original artwork.

Emily Bosworth-Clemens will sell quilts and jewelry.

Jabari Mason will carry cards and jewellry.

Cynthia Hill makes handcrafted soaps and lotions.  Her work is also available at Urban Gypsy, the new Polish Hill shop that will be open during the festival.

Bernadette Kazmarski will have paintings and t-shirts

Polish Hill resident Malcolm Gittins, aka Monstershoppe, will have original monster artwork,  keychains, and cards.

Nicole Musser makes hand-embroidered items, including these cute little zombie dolls.

Polish Hill resident and CAPA student Reyghan Pierce will be selling photographs, drawings, and plushies.

To find out more about what’s happening at the festival, read the first artist preview blog post, and the music performance preview blog post.  We’ll have a third and final installment of the artist previews, and a preview of activities, in a day or so.

The festival also features a reading series at Lili Coffee Shop, curated by The New Yinzer, and a post-apocalyptic film festival at Gooskis, curated by Jessica Fenlon, from 4-6 pm.

There is also a general information sheet about the festival, which includes information on parking and access.  If that’s not enough information, call us at 412.681.1950, or email phcapgh@gmail.com.