Public Allies to present their service project in Polish Hill

For the last several months, a group of Americorps Public Allies, young people who are working to help communities around Pittsburgh, have been involved in Polish Hill. You might have seen thaem at our monthly community meetings, or at Council to Go, or their or at one of their Wednesday evening meet-ups at Lili Coffee* Shop.

The Public Allies have been learning about Polish Hill with the goal of devising a service project in the neighborhood.  After months of gathering information, they have chosen their project:  they’re going to work with the PHCA’s Knotweed Knockout project.  Knotweed Knockout, initiated by Polish Hill resident, PHCA board member, and Green Team leader Josie Ramsey, is funded by a Sprout fund grant.

This Thursday at 7 p.m., the Public Allies will have a presentation about the work they plan to do with Knotweek Knockout.  The presentation is at 7 pm in the senior center on the lower level of West Penn Recreation Center.

The Public Allies invite all Polish Hill residents to attend.  They say, “Getting sick of knot weed or just wanting to know what it is?  Wondering what your community is doing about it?  You are invited to attend the community presentation at 7 pm on March 17th at the West Penn Recreation Center in the Senior Room hosted by Public Allies Pittsburgh in Polish Hill.  Please join us!”