Rothschild Doyno Architects Open House

Celebrate Rothschild Doyno Architects’ new associates, logo, website and especially, their new work place!

Image: Pittsburgh City Paper

Through roughly 20 years of practice, Rothschild Doyno Architects has embraced the practice of lucid documentation, not simply in the construction drawings that contractors use, but in separate sketchbooks compiled for every project. Explanatory diagrams with accompanying text address a range of issues — matters of interest to the community, nearby landmarks and patterns of use, and contemporary construction practices — making the firm’s ideas explicit to clients and interested observers. These documents have been especially helpful in maintaining community dialogue surrounding housing developments, such as the Hill District’s Lou Mason residences. Says Rothschild Doyno principal Ken Doyno, “We’ve founded our firm on a systematic communication of that process.” Read More on Pittsburgh City Paper

Rothschild Doyno Architects
June 19, 2008 from 4-8pm
Penn At 29th in the Strip District
2847 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh Pa 15201