Signs of Me! Treasure Hunt


The Signs of Me! project, a neighborhood arts initiative funded by a Spark grant from the Sprout Fund, started in August.  Six Polish Hill kids have been working with Carley Parrish (above, in pink sweatshirt) to identify what they liked about their neighborhood and to create signs marking their personal landmarks.  The signs were installed last week, and today was a treasure hunt to celebrate the project.  Each visitor got a map, and everyone set off to find the signs.  At each location the kids picked up a small prize.  After the treasure hunt, all the kids and parents came back to the Civic Association for balloons and snacks.


Genly Pierce-Weaver’s sign at West Penn Park.  In addition to marking a place that he likes, Genly’s sign is a safety message.  He says: “In Polish Hill I like that we have a rec center and a skate park.  Since I love skating I made this sign to help make sure that no one gets hurt”.