Three Rivers Arts Festival — an easy trip from Polish Hill

Everyone already knows about this, but a reminder never hurts:  the Three Rivers Arts Festival starts tomorrow.  Polish Hill residents have the advantage of being able to get there fairly easily, if you’re willing to walk down to the busway.  From Herron Station (why didn’t they call it Polish Hill?), the East Busway goes to Liberty Avenue and 10th Street.  From there, it’s a short walk through the Cultural District to the festival.  Here’s the busway schedule — Herron stop is between the listed stops, so you have to guess the time between East Liberty and Downtown.

The festival has too much going on to list it all here; there are performances, visual art, art activities, and an artists market,with artists and craftspeople from all over the country.  One way to plan your festival visits is to base them around performances you want to see.  On Friday (8 pm), we recommend the Blind Boys of Alabama, a gospel group that has won five Grammys.  There’s the Tom Tom Club on Saturday, or the Giant Puppet Pageant on Sunday.  And, oh…lots, lots more.

The festival runs from June 3-12, and it’s free, free, free.  Well, except for the food, but we all need funnel cakes and $4 lemonades now and then.