TONIGHT: 3 Rivers, 6 Rings, 19 Libraries, and no less‏


So many events lately!  Sorry for the short notice on this one–we only just heard about it!  If you care about the library closings, you might be interested in this event tonight at Belvedere’s, at 4016 Butler St in Lawrenceville.  Join the Cyberpunk Apocalypse, Open Thread, Encyclopedia Destructica, and other members of the literary community at “3 Rivers, 6 Rings, 19 Libraries, and no less” event in support of our libraries. There will be readings starting at 8pm by Karen Lillis, Adam Atkinson, Sara Labuff, Todd Faltin, Alyna Frankenberry, and Sally Mao.  At 9:30 the dancing starts featuring DJ Attilla the Hunk, Jonbro, and Mary Mack.  There will also be a phone-call station with a list of politician’s phone numbers for us to call. Lets get rowdy, and flood the in-boxes with support.

Donation $2 or what you want to give.