Visionary Arts Festival Aug 7-9


Visionary art is closer to a mode of thinking than related to the specific physical outcome produced by the artist. It is the result of a complex arrangement of choices that oftentimes differs from the traditional approach taken by artists and individuals. Usually, visionary art is manifested as a cohesive body of work rather than as isolated pieces. More so, this body of work usually includes other aspects of the person’s life rather than the practice of art alone. The focus of visionary artists is rarely (if ever) the result of aesthetic, functional, professional or academic concerns. It is instead a true vision, motivated by deeper and many times very pressing concerns. Visionary art, to the artist, may often involve more of a philosophy or even a lifestyle rather than a singular practice.

The first Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival brings together more than 50 local visionary artists and art innovators and a rich diversity of mediums from painting to mixed media, from digital media to sound art, through recycled and self-taught art.  Free and open to the public. August 7, 8 and 9, from 12pm to 9pm. Schenley Plaza, (directly in front of the Cathedral of Learning, in the heart of Oakland.)

For more information about the Visionary Arts Festival, check out their excellent website.