Braddock Bread Oven


Staffski went to Braddock on Saturday with the Bread Oven Committee and Our Friend. It was lovely evening, clear skies and warm weather. It was even warmer near the bread oven. Pictured above is Josh Tonies, an amazing artist and master baker. Josh made pizza for us in the Braddock Community bread oven. It was a much appreciated opportunity to see the bread oven in action and talk to some of the people involved in the operation of the operation. And of course, everyone wanted their picture taken with Our Friend.



From top, that’s Sean, Andrew, Terry, Mary Lou, Leah Myra and Brian. The pizza was absolutely wonderful in all of its variations.


There was quite a crowd at the bread oven. Mayor Fetterman was great about answering questions and was very enthusiastic. That’s John Fetterman in the black t-shirt.


We had a bonus while we were in Braddock. The bread oven is on the UnSmoke Systems compound. UnSmoke Systems is a repurposed school and convent that has become the home of a gallery and workspace for artists. The closing reception for Wear and Tear was planned for the same evening. After we finished our delicious pizza, we stuck around while Gavin Kenyon and Heather Powell set up a demonstration of hot metal pouring.


You can see Gavin Kenyon (above)  starting work while we sipped on out beverages and filled in the stomach corners. It was a really wonderfule evening. Thank you, Mayor Fetterman and UnSmoke Systems, for being such wonderful hosts. We hope you join us when Polish Hill has built its bread oven.