From weeds to Honey


Last night at the Sprout Fund Summer Social, there was an exhibit about bees.  Particularly, Pittsburgh Bees.  There was the opportunity to sample honey from the different seasons from the Pittsburgh bees.  The spring and summer honeys were more of what one would expect from honey.  The fall honey was the deep, dark flavorful honey.  The big contributing factor to the fall honey’s taste is the blooms from the knot weed.  Can anyone imagine that there would be something positive about the knot weed?  This fall honey has an almost molasses taste which is a result of the bees going to the blooms on the knot weed. Pittsburgh Bees want people to know that the clover and dandelions and other “wild flowers” that we consider weeds help to make some delicious honey. To get more info about the bees around Pittsburgh,  checkout their web site:

Guest post from Polish Hill neighbor, Josie Ramsey. Thanks Josie!