So Many Pasta-bilities… A Fundraiser for the Green Team

(guest post and photos by Jen Kirk)

At the end of February’s monthly PHCA meeting, my number was called. I had won not the 50/50, but a bag of novelty Pitt-shaped pasta – part of an ongoing fundraiser for the Civic Association’s Green Team. As a member of the Green Team, an alumnus of Pitt, and a definite foodie, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get home and make the pasta, which consisted of tiny blue and gold P’s and paws that represented my alma mater.  So one night this week, after a hard day of work, I came home dreaming of a nice warm bowl of tasty pasta. As I looked through my pantry, my eyes fell upon the bag I’d won, promising a fun, easy, and tasty meal that would satiate my craving.

The pasta was easy to cook: just bring water to boil, add pasta, and boil for 6-8 minutes. I spent a minute or two marveling at the lovely shade of blue the water turned when I added the pasta, and just a few short minutes later it was time to drain the pasta and choose my topping.

Given that the pasta was so easy to cook, the hardest decision was determining what type of sauce to serve with the pasta. After much deliberation, I came to the most obvious conclusion: pasta bar!

The Pitt Panthers Pasta paired well with both marinara sauce and the last of our homemade pesto (from the latest Green Team neighborhood revitalization – the Harmar Garden). My Pitt Panther Pasta Bar experience made me realize something – with myriad sauce options, how can one resist the opportunity to further customize with the various novelty pastas offered by this fundraiser?

One glance at the catalog (available for browsing in the PHCA office) showed pastas for every event, activity, and sports team. There are traditional alphabets for soups or mac and cheese, birthday pastas with presents and bows, music notes for music lovers, and tons of options for the athlete in all of us (football, hockey, and dance to name a few). Additionally, there are soup mixes and chili sets to warm against the winter cold. The items are priced between $5.50 and $7.50 per bag. Proceeds benefit the Green Team, in particular the upcoming Spring Cleanup.

I hope my experience has inspired you to have your own fun food experience. Order your own special pastas from the PHCA now through March 12 and help support the Green Team. Order forms are available at the PHCA office. Orders can be placed (with payment) in the PHCA office until March 12.

Additionally, the Green Team could always use an extra pair of hands. If you’re interested in joining the Green Team for our monthly or seasonal cleanups or special projects like the Knotweed Knockout on Melwood Ave. this spring, inquire to the PHCA staff at