Your family and friends need Paczkis–orders are due Feb 5!

You may have heard people talking about  “punch-keys” and how good they are.  Our many residents and friends who aren’t of Polish background might not know what those people were talking about.  Paczkis are a traditional Polish treat for the season just proceeding Lent.  They are a final treat before the period of self-denial.  Being highly caloric and quite tasty, they are good for this purpose.  But you can eat and enjoy paczki even if you don’t observe Lent.

Paczkis are very similar to a donut, the kind without a hole in the middle.  Traditionally, they are kind of small, usually plain or perhaps with a bit of prune filling.  They are dusted with powdered sugar.  The larger Americanized versions also come in plain, but are often filled with something fun like custard.  This is the kind we are selling, and they got very good reviews from our residents last year.

The annual PHCA Paczki Fundraiser is now underway, and we are taking orders.  A dozen paczki costs $10, and there are four choice:  plain (unfilled), custard, raspberry, and raisin.  A mixed dozen is also available with three of each flavor (regretfully, we cannot provide custom mixes).

The final day to order is February 5th.  Payment must be made when the order is placed (or by Feb 5th).  Orders can be picked up at the PHCA office on Saturday February 13 or Sunday the 14, from 10 am to 3 pm.  To order, stop , call 412.681.1950, or email us at