Community Greening Award

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has proudly acknowledged efforts of those who have improved their communities by greening Main Streets, traffic islands, public parks, commercial ventures and train stations in past years. Sites that have been recognized in previous years may be evaluated for maintenance.

This year, two community efforts in Polish Hill have been acknowledged with this award; the Dobson Street lot and the Melwood Avenue lot. Many thanks goes out to the gardeners who have worked diligently to maintain these lots. Josie Ramsey, Debbie Jozwiak and Terry Doloughty, as well as others, are to be congratulated for their continued and unstinting efforts at maintaining and improving these projects. An award ceremony will be taking place later this moth here in Pittsburgh to honor the nine community greening efforts that have received awards in our fair city. You can find out more about the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society on their website.

If you are interested in gardening and would like to become involved in the efforts to maintain and develop garden spaces in Polish Hill, please get in touch with us at the Polish hill civic Association. You can reach us by phone at 412-681-1950 or by email at We have an upcoming Neighborhood clean up scheduled for September 13 and we will be doing maintenance in preparation for winter in some of the gardens in October. Polish Hill was also selected as a TreVitalize neighborhood. In November, we will be looking for help on planting those trees.