EVERYBODY likes to garden!

It hasn’t been done since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden during World War !!. Some ideas, though, just seem to come around again when the time is right. This time, First Lady Michelle Obama is fighting a different war —

While the organic garden will provide food for the first family’s meals and formal dinners, its most important role, Mrs. Obama said, will be to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at time when obesity has become a national concern. Read the entire NYT article

The vegetable garden promises to be quite extensive and will include special requests from the White House chefs for specific green goods to enhance the dinners of the First Family as well as visiting dignataries. What a wonderful idea, increasing the beauty of the White House gardes to include the practical beauty of a well cooked meal.

And you know, tomorrow is the first day of sprig! Time flies, doesn’t it? This has certainly been a long and cold winter, or so it seems to me. Although I have been corrected on the subject of how cold at has been! (Remember the winter 0f 1992? Anyone?) Well with that in mind, we received CJ Buzz in our email today. If you aren’t familiar with this handy newsletter, you can sign up for it on the Construction Junction site. So, if you are inspired by what the First Lady is doing at the White House, CJ can certainly supply you with a lot of what you will need to start, or refresh, your very own vegetable garden —

It is with this vigor that we’ve worked hard to salvage and make available good reuseable outdoor garden materials and a number of organic gardening supplies such as those listed below. Enjoy and here’s to a great growing season!

* Re-Vita Pro (5-4-5) – Excellent all natural general fertilizer complete with trace minerals.
* Re-Vita Organic Lawn Fertilizer (8-3-3) – Excellent all natural/slow release lawn fertilizer.
* Bon Neem – A versatile organic combination of insecticidal soap plus Neem oil.
* Diatomaceous Earth – Uses mechanical action to kill common pests like slugs!
* Liquid Fish Fertilizer – Use as a foliar spray or water in. Can be mixed with liquid seaweed.
* Liquefied Seaweed – Use as a foliar spray. A tremendous boon to plant growth and health.
* Burn Out II Weed & Grass Killer – An all natural and safe weed and grass killer.
* Vermiculite – Add to potting soil to improve aeration and moisture retention.
* Plant Pro Potting Soil – An organic potting mix enriched with compost, kelp, humate, rock phosphate and greensand. For all house and bedding plants. For seed starting add one part vermiculite to three parts Plant Pro. We call this stuff magic soil.

So, there you go! Happy Gardening, everyone!