Learn about composting at Phipps Conservatory Oct 9-10


Fall is here, time to stockpile all those good “browns” and don’t forget to keep adding materials to your piles even in the winter.  In celebration of fall and this season of “rot”, we would like to invite you to join us at the “Celebrate Composting at Phipps!” event this Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, October 9, in Phipps’ Botany Hall Auditorium:

6:00 pm  “Composting: the Big View”,  a free lecture with Nick Shorr, PRC
Learn how growing interest in backyard composting and institutional organics diversion may be a real turning point in reestablishing our connection with the environment.

6:45: Light Refreshments
7:00 pm  Backyard Composting workshop
Learn how to set up and maintain an effective backyard system to turn your household’s food waste into garden gold!  $40 includes workshop and an Earth Machine composting bin.  Registration is required for this workshop. To register, please call Lauren Seiple at 412-431-4449 ext. 325, or email laurens@ccicenter.org

On Saturday October 10, visit Cafe Phipps for a short video and free literature about composting, the benefits of diverting organics from the institutional waste stream, and how Phipps and PRC are putting it into action.

The Celebrate Composting event is hosted by Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC).