Maly Park

From left – David Buckeye, Josie Ramsey, Terry Doloughty, Patrick Singleton, Josiah Parkinson, Alexis Miller, Brian Seklecki and Myra Falisz

Well, we had a nice crew at the Herron lot today. The plantings are in. Still to be done is replacing the sidewalk, putting in the crushed stone for the walkway and placing the seating.

A sign will also be installed at the park. With so many folks around today we took a minute to talk about naming the park. We came up with —

Mały Park

Mały is the polish word for “Little”.  Stay tuned for future developments and thank you all for all of your help and assistance.


While Staffski was out and about, she stopped at the Penny Garden and at the Harmar Garden to check things out. Everything is just bursting out in all of Polish Hill’s gardens!