Public Allies in Polish Hill

We have been talking about the Public Allies presence in Polish Hill for several months. In March, the group that has been working in Polish Hill presented their service project to Polish Hill neighbors at a public meeting. The service project took place yesterday, April 8, when 25 Public Allies descended on Polish Hill’s community gardens for a dedicated day of garden preparation at the Wiggins and Harmar community gardens as well as the lot at Brereton and Herron.

Polish Hill residents were on hand at each of the sites to work with the Public Allies. The teams went out in the rain laden, chilly spring day and worked to prepare these community spaces for the upcoming season. The PHCA wishes to extend our gratitude to the Public Allies team that made this day so successful. Hats off to —

Brenda Battad (YWCA), Darelle Dogans (Bethlehem Haven), Sammy Jones (Investing Now), Justin Lamorella (Arthiritis Foundation), Maggie Negrete (Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation), Connor Sites-Bowen (Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank), Madeline Taylor (New Voices Pittsburgh), Kelly Tobias (Union Project), Andrea Zimmer (Bethlehem Haven).

Public Allies is a national organization dedicated to enabling individuals to making a difference in their communities. From their website —

Public Allies is a national movement grounded in the conviction that everyone leads. We believe that everyone can make a difference and can work to inspire more citizens to believe in themselves, step up, and act. Throughout our nation’s history, lasting social change has always resulted from the courageous acts of many, not just the inspiration of the few.

The Public Allies website can tell you more about how to become a Public Ally, or hosting a group within your community. We’ll be posting more pictures from the day, but for now, please enjoy our slideshow —