Street trees

As you go about getting your yards, gardens and planters ready for the season, take a few minutes to care for your street trees.

Adding mulch will keep the weeds under control, and improve the quality of the soil. Properly mulching your tree pits will not only hold in moisture for the trees and plants, but hold a bit more storm water run off. If you have a rain barrel and water your tree and plants from it, you are also helping to solve our storm water run off issues by using the water twice.

While caring for your trees, look at the other trees near your homes and apartments. You might want to take the time to assess if any of the trees need care, or possibly replacement. Please report any damaged, dead or sick trees to 311 and the proper departments will be notified.

We always have tree applications available at the PHCA office, and they are available on line. If you would like to sign up for a street tree please contact our office. If you would like to build on your skills as an Urban Forester, consider taking some Tree Tender classes. They are held in many locations around the city, so there will probably be one convenient to you.