Who cooks for you

Gillian Goldberg is a Polish Hill resident during the winter and a farmer in New Bethlehem during the growing season. In New Bethlehem, Gillian works and lives on Who Cooks for You Farm, that uses organic farming practices sustainably working with their soils and nature. Who Cooks for You offers their fresh fruits and vegetables through its Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) and Farmer’s Market. Gillian has this to say about the farm and what they do —

On Who Cooks For You Farm, we grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables, from juicy summer tomatoes and sugar-sweet strawberries to things that might be a little less familiar but no less delicious–ever tried kohlrabi or celeriac? We sell our organically grown produce on Mondays at the East Liberty farmer’s market and also through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In a CSA, members purchase shares in the farm before the growing season begins and receive a box of fresh produce weekly throughout the season. We still have some shares available for the coming season. You can find more information on the FAQ page.

Gillian is more than happy to answer your questions. She can be reached by email at gdgoldbe (at) gmail.com or by phone at 412.551.8613.