ACTION Housing Green

We’ve talked about many of the programs offered by ACTION Housing on BLOGSKI. So many of the programs offered contribute to minimizing energy needs. The organization has taken an additional step and has organized its programs, as well as adding several options, under its Green banner. From their site —

In response, ACTION-Housing Inc. has created ACTION-Housing Green as a way to offer energy conservation tips and partnering opportunities to homeowners, property owners, tenants, regulators, and utilities. We aim to expand home energy assistance practices, reduce toxins in the home, and help everyone lower utility bills. At ACTION-Housing Green, residents can learn to improve their energy efficiency and create healthier homes while developers can leverage best practices for green home building and multi-family housing energy conservation.

Weatherization plays a big role in any attempt to conserve energy, so it’s no surprise that there are links to their Weatherization Assistance Program, which provides low income residents with energy audits, home weatherization, and safety checks.

ACTION Housing Green also offers tip guides and educational materials for extending the knowledge of residents about best green practices as applied to energy conservation. All of this information is available to anyone regardless of income level.