Biofuel business thriving in Braddock


Polish Hill resident Colin Huwyler and Dave Rosenstraus are co-owners of Fossil Free Fuels, a young company in Braddock that converts diesel engines to run on plant-based fuels–most often, soybean oil that is collected from 20-30 area restaurants, filtered at the company’s facility, and sold for aboug $3 a gallon.  To date they have converted over 150 vehicles, and they expect a big jump in business after their fuel system debuts later this year.

Pittsburgh is home to a growing alternative energy industry.  This region was a leader in an earlier era of industry; then lived through the upheavals as that industry diminished.   Many people have noted that Pittsburgh was laid out as a walking city, and many of the stairs and byways are still in place.  With this history and infrastructure, it’s only fitting that Pittsburgh is poised to lead in a new era of sustainable and green industry and technology.

Read the article about Fossil Free Fuels that originally appeared in the Tribune-Review.

Photo:  Dave Rosenstras and Colin Huwyler shortly after they opened Fossil Free Fuels in May 2007 (photo from the Post-Gazette)