Black and gold city goes green

St. Patrick’s day was yesterday; this is different.  Black and Gold City Goes Green is a new campaign from the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative, supported by the City of Pittsburgh and a number of organizations.

The goal of the citywide campaign — the first of its kind in the nation — is to inspire broad-based participation from individuals, businesses, universities and governments to make a small lifestyle or operational change each month for the rest of the year that will save energy and money and reduce emissions of climate changing gases.

In March, everyone is urged to change light bulbs, ditching inefficient incandesents in favor of compact fluorescents that cost a little more but use a quarter of the electricity and last much longer.

Read the article in the Post-Gazette.  More information about the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative and the city’s greenhouse gas inventory is available on the Web at More information about the Black and Gold City Goes Green campaign is on the Web at