City trashes sorting of recyclables

FLASH! New rules for recycling!

Putting bottles and cans in one bag, newspapers in another, and other papers in the regular trash will be a thing of the past in Pittsburgh, starting Monday. Read the Post Gazette article

So for those of you that are already recycling, things just got a little easier. For those that haven’t starte, it just got easier! Pick up of trash for recycling takes place on alternating trash days throughout the city. Most grocers use the recognizable blue bags for recycling when packing your purchases. If you are using your own bags, you can always pick up a roll of blue bags while you are out and about. To read more about Pittsburgh’s recycling ordinance, please check the city’s website.

In addition to the new recycling rules, Pittsburgh is now requiring all landlords to inform tenants of refuse and recyclable pick up days and policies.

Pittsburgh City Council gave its final approval today to an ordinance requiring that landlords get initialed forms from their tenants confirming that they understand the city’s trash day rules.

Council also added an amendment allowing the city to fine the landlords of renters who improperly put out the trash. Read the Post Gazette article