Get rid of used electronics on Saturday at Heinz Field


Bring your used electronics to the east parking lot of Heinz Field between 9am and 1 pm, where representatives from eLoop LLC, an electronics recycling company, will be collecting televisions, computers, cell phones and other electronics for recycling.  The “TV’s and More” recycling event is part of the “Black and Gold City Goes Green” campaign launched in March to encourage people to make environmentally friendly changes in their lifestyles.  At Saturday’s event, eLoop will charge $5 to recycle computers, $10 or more to recycle TVs (based on size) and $2 to $5 for other miscellaneous electronics.  The charge is necessary because the process of removing recyclable materials is expensive.

Recent news stories have reported complaints that another firm offered to raise money for local nonprofits by taking used electronic equipment without charge and then did not dispose of it properly.  The organizers of this event hope that this unfortunate event doesn’t dissuade people from recycling their used electronics.  Such items contain toxic materials that shouldn’t be in our landfills.

Read the article in the Post-Gazette about the “TV’s and More” electronics recycling event.