Help tend our trees!


The Student Conservation Association is America’s conservation corps; its members protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces in all 50 states.

A number of new Polish Hill residents are also Student Conservation Association members.  Since they moved here, they have been turning their efforts to the trees and green spaces of Polish Hill.  The new Harmar garden was created with a lot of help from SCA students; tree tending is another concern of the group.

On Sunday November 1 at 4 pm, a group of SCA interns will get together to work on trees on Bigelow and Bethoven.  They wondered if anyone else would like to join them.  If you’d like to learn a little bit about tending trees, and meet and work with new neighbors,  meet on the back porch of 3533 Bigelow (so, come via the Bethoven side; it’s a big white blocky house).

If you would like more information, email Erin at  For information about opportunities for students at the Pittsburgh chapter of SCA, look here.