Knotweed site progress, and some other flora and fauna of Polish Hill

On Friday, a few members of the Green Team did another assault on the knotweed that has sprung up since the first site-clearing in April.  Several hours of worked resulted in a cleared-out site and a few discoveries.

One was a wild turkey that hung out a bit before sauntering across the road.  The wild ones are much plainer and skinnier than the farm-raised sort, but they’re also more interesting-looking.  This one looks a lot like a buzzard or vulture in profile.

Another discovery was a number of wineberry bushes.  Wineberries are native to the region, but you don’t see them often.

We’ve got a lot of other interesting edibles around the neighborhood; many of the smaller plants are under siege by the rapidly spreading knotweed.  We’ll start reintroducing more native plants to the Knotweed Knockout site next year, in the second phase of the project.

Photos by Terry Doloughty.  The Knotweed Knockout project is funded by a Sprout Fund Spring Grant.