Pitt Make a Difference Day


If you were out and about anywhere in Pittsburgh today, you probably saw groups of people wearing bright green t-shirts just like the ones in the above image. As you were driving past, you probably thought something like “Hey, there’s a lot of people out here wearing the same t-shirt. I wonder what that’s about?”

The University of Pittsburgh coordinated 3,000 students for their yearly Pitt Make a Difference Day. Polish Hill was pleased that a group decided to work in our neighborhood today. Over forty students were roaming the neighborhood with trash and recycling bags. One group worked on clearing knotweed from the bottom of the S-bend on Herron Avenue. Other groups picked up trash along Brereton St. from the 28th St. Bridge to Herron Ave, along Bigelow Blvd. and along some of the streets that run perpindicular to Dobson St.

The PHCA, Polish Hill neighbors and Staffski want to send out a heartfelt thanks for all of the hard work of the students and to the University of Pittsburgh for encouraging their participation.