Safely dispose of household chemicals

Many Polish Hill residents have very old paint, solvents, and other chemicals in their basements.  If these items are put out in the trash, they end up in a landfill, where they leach into the soil and water.  A better disposal option is to take items to a special collection event.

A PHCA volunteer will be taking a truckload to the Zero Waste Pittsburgh household chemical collection event on Saturday, May 4, and we’re offering to take items from other neighborhood residents as well.  Polish Hill residents can can drop items (anything from the list below) at the PHCA office on Friday, May 3 (not before).  You’ll need to give us cash for the collection fee (these events charge $2 per gallon), and we also ask for a small donation for the service that we’re providing.  In return, you get the peace of mind that these toxic items are no longer in your home!

Items accepted for collection:
Aerosol cans; automotive fluids; batteries; chemistry sets; compact fluorescent light bulbs; gasoline; kerosene; household cleaners; mercury; paint products; pesticides; herbicides; photo chemicals; and pool chemicals. Zero Waste Pittsburgh charges a fee of $2 per gallon, cash only, and you’ll need to pay that when items are dropped off.

We won’t be accepting items until May 3, and then  it’s household items only — no large quantities such as from a business.  To protect our office, staff, and volunteers, please pack your items carefully.  Bulbs should be in closed plastic bags.  Any leaking, or bulging containers should be placed in another container, tightly sealed and clearly marked (not a plastic bag).  If you have any questions, call the PHCA at 412.681.1950 or email us.

Other items not accepted at this collection event include ammunition; appliances, bulk waste; commercial and industrial waste; compressed gas cylinders; drugs; explosives; flares; fluorescent tubes; leaking containers; medical waste; PCBs and dioxin; tires; and radioactive materials (including smoke detectors).  For more information about this and other collection events, visit or call 412-488-7452.