TreeVitalize on Polish Hill

It was an amazing day. Polish Hill neighbors turned out in droves to help with planting new trees all over Polish Hill! Trees were placed on Bethoven, Melwood, Dobson and Brereton streets.


The TreeVitalize program is sponsored by the City of Pittsburgh. One of the planting changes for this round of plantings include a larger plot for each individual tree. Previous plantings have shown that the trees need more room for root growth, which will mean less repair to sidewalks. The newer tree plantings are carefully chosen to work within each individual plot. Many factors are taken into consideration when the trees are chosen. Height and spread of branches are both considered along with trees that have a slower growth pattern. All of this will, in the long run, contribute significantly to the health of the tree as well as the ease of care for individual property owners.

Below are some images from TreeVitalize in Polish Hill, November 15, 2008. Most of the images were provided by Polish Hill photographer, Mark Knobil. The Polish Hill Civic Association wants to thank everybody that cam out to help, lending their labor on a very chilly day. Your efforts are very much appreciated.