Call for volunteers: June 23 is Love Your Block work day on Melwood Avenue

The PHCA was one of the recent recipients of the City’s Love Your Block grant, which provides a $500 Home Depot gift card and the support of key City departments to fix up a neighborhood green site.  The Polish Hill site selected is  part of the City-owned tract of land at the end of Melwood Avenue, where the PHCA hopes to establish a new community garden and green space.

Part of the Love Your Block program depends on neighborhood volunteers, and that’s the call we’re putting out now.  This Saturday at 10:00 am, volunteers will meet at the Melwood Avenue site (almost-but-not-quite under the Bloomfield Bridge).  Initial work will include clearing the area, digging out knotweed roots, and piling brush for the city to pick up.  Future work days at this site will be involve planting trees and perennials, making the lot a great looking addition for the community.

Saturday will probably be hot, but we hope that some people will be willing to brave the weather to come out and help.

(photo of the green space on Melwood Avenue, taken in 2010)