Love Your Block project (part 2) brings out more volunteers

The PHCA got a Love Your Block grant from the city, and to fulfill the requirements of the grant, we have until the end of the week to make a big difference at the second green space we applied for, on upper Brereton Street at Herron Avenue.  Here’s the lot (above, and below) before the volunteers got to work on it.

To get the work on this lot done by the deadline, PHCA Green Team leader Valerie Testa organized three work events.  The first was on Thursday evening.  As you can see, those volunteers have already made a big difference.

The next event is this evening from 7-9 pm, and then there’s another tomorrow, Saturday morning, from 10 – 1.  Volunteers who would like to help, but can’t make those times, are welcome to stop by the lot and do some weeding on their own.  Volunteers are also needed to sign waivers, which are available at the PHCA office.  For more information, email Valerie.

(Top two photos by Leslie Clague for the PHCA; photos of volunteers by Myra Falisz for the PHCA)