Love Your Block: we made it — and then some!

As reported in a post last week, the PHCA Green Team had to work quickly to fulfill the final terms for the Love Your Block grant:  Green Team leader Valerie Testa had less than a week to round up 20 volunteers and make a big difference at a neighborhood green space.  The garden at the top of Brereton Street, just off Herron Avenue, had been untended since a visiting group of volunteers cleared the weeds last year.

Valerie got on the phone and Facebook and asked friends and neighbors to spare the time to come out and chip in.  On the advice of Lynn Miller, a Brereton Street resident and Penn State master gardener, they selected and purchased native plants that would thrive at the location and wouldn’t need much maintenance.  And on the hottest week of the year, with temperatures nearing 100 each day, 27 people came out over the course of three days.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked on this project:  Valerie Testa, Mark Knobil, Laura Zurowski, Sarah Koenig, Danielle Fox, Katie Sukenik, Charlie Alessi, Alexis Miller, Robert Levkulich, Shane Ireland, Terry Doloughty, Lynn Miller, Larry Ireland, Jo Neill Jr, Ilona Auth, Kristen Francis, Sue Steele, Erin Pace, Paul Von Arx, Myra Falisz, Erica Moulinier, David Lyle, Nick Teodori, Jennifer Morris, Catherine McConnell, and Josiah Parkinson.

It looks great!