New EMS program!

This is a really great program for so many of our residents. It is called the Envelope of Life. —

The Envelope of LIFE is a standardized form that provides life saving information to emergency personnel in times of crisis or medical uncertainty. The form is easy to fill out and takes only a few minutes to complete. The completed form should be placed on your refrigerator to be easily located by EMS. It should be updated every six months or following any changes in medical history or medications.

There is a lot of information on the EMS site. You can download your own form to place on your refrigerator.The program is for people of all ages, from children to seniors —

For children, the Envelope of LIFE is a must for when they are away from home. The form lists all the information about your child (toddlers and teens alike) that any appointed guardian would need, including aunts and uncles. From the babysitter to your child’s school, the Envelope of LIFE affords you a peace of mind when you’re not at their side.

As for adults, most of whom are caring for their children, elderly parents or both, the Envelope of Life is a safety net in times of crisis. If something happens to the person holding the family together, what happens to the family? No one schedules an emergency, and they usually happen when life is at its most hectic. By taking just a few minutes now to fill out an Envelope of LIFE form, you will be giving yourself the advantage in an emergency and will also help in making a difficult time much easier for your family.

For seniors, the Envelope of LIFE offers the comfort of having your vital information available whenever it is needed, much like a live-in assistant. It provides a voice for you when you can not speak for yourself, telling emergency responders your specific medical needs. The detailed questionnaire asks the most important questions that healthcare workers need to know about you, leaving nothing to be presumed, saving you precious moments in a life-threatening event.