August Wilson, Pittsburgh Playwright

For years, Paul Ellis has been working on bring a commemorative destination the the Hill District. Mr. Ellis is August Wilson’s nephew and as many know, August Wilson was one of the foremost voices of Pittsburgh and the Hill District.

The late Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright grew up on the second and third floors of the back end of 1727 Bedford Ave. His nephew, Paul Ellis Jr., bought the building in 2005 and applied for its historic status, which Pittsburgh City Council granted in March. Read the article on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Ellis’ plan includes properties adjacent to August Willson’s childhood home. The effort is to not only bring these deteriorating properties back to structural integrity but to make them into a showcase. Mr. Ellis is joined in his efforts by Renew Pittsburgh and the Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh. Steve Mellon of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has documented the current state of the properties in two panoramics.