72 years (and a week) ago today in Polish Hill

In early September of 1939, West Penn Recreation Center was under construction.  We’ve already done a blog post showing photos of the dedication in 1930, but here’s a shot from several months before that occasion, when the foundation of the building was being constructed.  The big building in the background right was the Lyceum, which was located on Brereton and 30th Street.  The Lyceum was torn down in the 1970’s; the site is now a parking lot for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

Of the row of buildings to the left, only the one closest to the Lyceum in the photo, 3007 Brereton, is still there.  And notice the smokestacks of the mill, in the distance.  Aren’t we lucky that the atmosphere isn’t (usually) this hazy nowadays?

This photo, like many others we’ve posted, in part of the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collection.  (Click on the photo to see a bigger image.)