Pittsburgh council delays easier access to tax break for senior homeowners

We posted last week about Councilman Patrick Dowd’s introduction of legislation to give over-50 homeowners easier access to property tax breaks.  A majority of council members gave tentative approval and it looked like it was going to pass, but today the Council voted to wait, and will instead schedule a special meeting on the subject.  Only Mr. Dowd and Councilwoman Darlene Harris voted against the delay.

The measure would allow eligible homeowners to keep their assessment breaks without reapplying annually.  As many as 4,000 city homeowners don’t get an average of $300 each in tax breaks because they don’t fill out the form yearly.

Councilman Ricky Burgess argued that the legislation needed a more thorough review, in light of the city treasurer’s estimate that it could result in the city foregoing $1.2 million a year in property taxes now paid by homeowners who are eligible for the break, but aren’t filling out the forms.

Homeowners with questions can call 412-255-2525.
Read the article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.