Pittsburgh may make it easier for seniors to get tax break

The Post- Gazette reports that Pittsburgh City Council voted today to make it easier for older homeowners to keep their city property tax bills low without reapplying for tax relief every year.

Instead, under Councilman Patrick Dowd’s legislation, lower-income seniors would only have to fill out the city’s Act 77 tax relief form once, and then they would continue to have their assessments essentially frozen unless they reported their departure from their residence or an increase in income.

If residents 50 or older have owned their home for 10 years or more, and the household income is under $30,000 counting only half of social security and some other benefits, they can apply for the tax benefit. If they bought their home before 1993, it is then taxed based on its value in that year. If they bought their home after 1993, it is taxed based on the value during the first full year in which they owned it.

The final vote will take place on Tuesday, March 24th.  Homeowners with questions can call 412-255-2525.