City plans to go after landlords for problem tenants

 Any resident of Polish Hill could point to rental properties that they would describe as “disruptive”, whether the complaint is noise or frequent comings and goings that raise the suspicion of drug activity.

In late 2007 the City Council passed  legislation that allows the city to bill owners of problem properties for the cost of public safety calls.  The city has been tracking the locations of crimes such as disorderly conduct, drunkenness and drug and gun violations.  Numerous incidences at particular locations would lead to a property being declared disruptive.  At that point, landlords might be asked to pay for the cost of dealing with public safety problems at their properties.

According to an article in Monday’s Post-Gazette, the city is about to start sending warning letters to landlords of problem properties.  It’s a small a step that might help make our neighborhoods  safer and more peaceful.