Master planning process to begin for Iron City Brewery site

Collier Development LLC purchased the Iron City Brewery site in early February and since then, neighbors have been impatiently waiting to find out what they might do with it.  Jack Cargnoni  of Collier stated that the site could possibly be developed for condominium housing, warehouse flex buildings, or perhaps a hotel.

Due to the size, strategic location, and historic significance of the property, the question of its eventual development is one of keen interest to bordering neighborhoods, including Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, the Strip District, and Polish Hill.  The site, visible from so many Polish Hill homes, has been part of our neighborhood’s landscape for over a century.

It has just been announced that the community group Lawrenceville Corporation will be working with Collier Development to develop a master plan for the site.  The involvement of Lawrenceville Corp. means that some public money will be available to create the plan, with Collier providing private financing.  Once a design firm is selected, an announcement will be made for a series of community meetings for stakeholders.

The master planning process could result in a plan for development of the property that would combine community-focused direction with the best business opportunities, while preserving architectural and historical elements of the site.  A steering committee composed of representatives from local community organizations, the city of Pittsburgh and local elected officials, will participate in the planning process.

Read an article on this news from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

(photo of Iron City Brewery by Mark Knobil.  Check out this great album of Mark’s photos of the brewery buildings.)