Mayor Ravenstahl's May Neighborhood Newsletter


Dear Neighbors,

As Mayor, I have the honor and privilege of telling the story of each of our neighborhoods.  On April 4th the story of Stanton Heights took an unexpected turn.  We lost three Pittsburgh Police Officers who worked to protect our families and neighborhoods.  As we endure and overcome these challenges and misfortune, we find consolation and support within our community.

We watched as the entire City came together to mourn with the families and the police to remember those that they lost, and to support them.  As difficult as it is, they continue to find the strength to come to terms with this tragedy, while never forgetting what happened on that day and the sacrifices that were made.  As a City, we are hurt but not broken.

The sea of blue lights and flags present on every block and street across the City has been just one illustration of the unwavering support present in each of our communities.  What the lives of Officer Kelly, Officer Mayhle and Officer Sciullo have taught us, what allows us to go on, is that there can be no higher calling than doing all that we can, even at the risk of our own lives, to care for each other.  To provide for our neighbors’ welfare.  To “Protect and Serve” one another.

Every day thousands of men and women wake up, put on their uniforms, and report for duty. Day in and day out, they patrol our streets to keep neighborhoods safe. It is a calling they have devoted their lives to. To protect and serve. Our three fallen heroes, their actions, and their sacrifice define what it means to be an officer.  I encourage all of you to remember these brave men, and all of our Officers for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis.

The Fraternal Order of Police has set up a fund for the families of three officers.  To contribute, please send a check, made out to the Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Fund, to Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union, 1338 Chartiers Ave., Pittsburgh 15220.

Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor, City of Pittsburgh