Mayor's February message

Dear Neighbors,

Keeping our streets safe and adopting green technology to save taxpayer dollars remains a priority as we begin 2012 in the City of Pittsburgh. As you may have noticed, Pittsburgh’s business districts are looking brighter, safer and cleaner this year.

In December, we began replacing streetlights in more than 40 business districts with improved, energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights. This enhancement will make our business districts safer and better-lit as residents and visitors visit our local shops and restaurants. The new streetlights produce a brighter, cleaner light that improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians and have a longer life than standard bulbs. In addition, the City will reduce its energy usage by more than 60 percent, saving taxpayers approximately $110,000 per year.

This is the latest in my efforts to restore, revive and reinvest in our business districts. Through the Taking Care of Business Districts program, crews responded to a list of action items delivered by 311 callers and businesses, including graffiti removal, painting road lines, problematic sidewalks and other property citations. The TCOB program also provides neighborhood businesses districts with clean sweeps, infrastructure improvements and long-term strategies to renew the neighborhood lifelines.

If we want to continue to grow and improve Pittsburgh, we have to keep our local businesses strong and vibrant. Keep an eye out for these improvements in your community and take this opportunity to walk through your local business district and visit some of our City’s great businesses.


Luke Ravenstahl

Mayor, City of Pittsburgh