October newsletter from the Mayor's office

Dear Neighbors,

I’m proud to say that Pittsburgh has a strong tradition of neighbors-helping-neighbors.  Just last year, close to a third of Pittsburgh’s residents devoted 75.2 million hours of service, amounting to an approximate value of $1.6 billion. At a time when budgets are tight, it is the dedicated support of citizens that keeps Pittsburgh ‘America’s Most Livable City.’ Building on this belief, I launched servePGH this past spring, an ambitious campaign to address our City’s greatest needs through service and volunteerism.

I’m happy to announce that there are several opportunities for you to roll up your sleeves and volunteer this fall.  Through Love Your Block, one of my servePGH initiatives, 11 neighborhoods are currently engaging volunteers to work hand-in-hand with City departments to revitalize their blocks.  Projects include community gardens, public art installation, veterans’ memorial rehab, playground cleanups, and vacant lot remediation.  Throughout September and October, you are invited to the Love Your Block volunteer events and community celebrations that take place across the City.  For a complete calendar of activities, visit pittsburghpa.gov/servepgh/loveyourblock/ to get involved.

Also, mark your calendar for the annual Redd Up Weekend, October 21-23.  Approximately 10,000 volunteers will hit the streets to clean Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods.  Groups and individuals interested in participating should contact Citizens Against Litter at boris.weinstein@verizon.net or 412-688-9120.  In late October, I will also launch Redd Up Zone, a servePGH initiative to engage volunteers to clean streets and reduce blight.  Check the servePGH website soon to learn more about how to get involved.

Finally, it is important to support and encourage the great leaders that inspire us all. That is why I have launched Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s Citizen Service Award, which recognizes community leaders who have contributed exceptional levels of service toward the advancement of Pittsburgh communities. You can nominate yourself or other community members by filling out the online submission form at www.pittsburghpa.gov/servepgh/csa.

For more information, email servepgh@city.pittsburgh.pa.us or call 412-255-4765.

There are opportunities for everybody to make our City a better place.  Choose just one and you’ll enrich the lives of your neighbors, as well as your own.  Join me in serving our City today.


Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor, City of Pittsburgh