Mayor's September Message

Dear Neighbors,

Throughout the summer, the City has been working vigorously to improve streets, repair sidewalks and upgrade the overall maintenance of our neighborhoods. The Department of Public Works (DPW) maintains and cleans our City’s streets, parks and public spaces, working to beautify our neighborhoods and make them safer.

The warm summer months allow more outdoor work to be completed, and this year we’ve raised the bar by increasing the amount of streets paved and working with more community groups to clean up their blocks. So far this summer, we have paved almost 50 miles of City streets and expect to complete 60 miles by the end of this year. Also, 56 new handicap ramps have been installed, with an expected 104 to be completed by the year’s end. DPW has also worked with Redd Up and Green Up groups to clean 43 lots, board up 102 abandoned buildings, clear 466 tons of debris, create 12 new community gardens and officially open the South Side Dog Park. If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit the City’s newest dog park at 18th Street and Riverfront Park.

The City’s parks are fun, safe areas for families and children to socialize during the summer and after school. Safety repairs and improvements have recently been made to many of the City’s 145 parks and playgrounds, including upgraded courts, lighting and overall appearance. Also, over the summer, 17 City pools have been available for families to enjoy, including the repaired and improved Moore Pool in Brookline.

All year round, the City works diligently to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean, providing the environment, resources and services that make Pittsburgh America’s “Most Livable City.” Please do your part to keep up the progress by working with neighbors and City representatives to combat blight, litter and crime, and help continue the transformation of our City.

Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor, City of Pittsburgh